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The True “Early Days”: Native Americans Share Their History Through Art

(Image via ABC7 News) While the "Early Days" statue was removed in 2018, the hole in the ground has left more than just a physical space -- it's left an opening for the true history of the Native American experience in the Bay Area to be shared by those who…

Spring is here, which means artichokes, asparagus, pea shoots and more! Find fresh, seasonal produce at the Heart of the City Farmers Market (United Nations Plaza, along Market Street between 7th and 8th streets) on Wednesdays and Sundays!



“The Commons” is Civic Center Plaza, UN Plaza, and Fulton Street between the Asian Art Museum and the San Francisco Main Public Library. The Civic Center Commons Initiative is a collaborative effort to breathe new life into these central civic spaces, changing how people engage with the place and with each other.

Led by the City of San Francisco in partnership with neighbors, community organizations, and cultural institutions, the initiative is transforming the Commons so that everyone can feel welcome and experience the best of San Francisco every day.


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